Claudia Sinatra is an architect, urban designer, and researcher currently based in Zürich. 

She situates her work in the overlap of art, urbanism, and sociology, investigating territories from the lens of everyday interactions between people and places. In her approach, visual narratives and urban research are integrally connected to design, within the pursuit of a critical debate around communities and places.

Claudia currently teaches at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, while also practicing urban design and spatial planning. Parallel to this, she works on independent illustration and photography projects.

Talks and Teaching
2023. Lecturer recurring, Urban Design Studio for Planners ︎︎︎ Institute of Spatial and Landscape Development, Spatial Development and Urban Policy ETHZ
2022. Panel Discussant, Film Architecture and Urban Practice ︎︎︎ International Symposium on Film Architecture and Urban Studies ETHZ
2022. Guest Critic, Design Studio Mid Term Review ︎︎︎ Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation ETHZ
2021. Guest Critic, Design Studio Final Review ︎︎︎ Chair of Affective Architecture  ETHZ
2021. Guest Lecturer recurring, Urban Stories: London ︎︎︎ Chair of Architecture and Urban Design ETHZ 
2012. Guest Talk, Design Studio ︎︎︎ Architecture and Urban Design Lab University of Ferrara